New to counseling? Maybe you want more information prior to starting with us.

    Can you really help me?

    If you are experiencing depression, anxiety, relationship issues, having marriage problems, going through a divorce, feelings of depression, anxiety or panic, stress, difficulty coping with your life, been in a victim domestic violence, or experienced childhood sexual abuse we can help you. If you are experiencing trouble in your family or your child is having difficulties at home or school we can help also. Our therapists are professionally skilled master's level, and licensed counselors.

    How can I schedule an appointment?

    You can call us, send us an email, or click on the SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT button below. You also have the option of completing a contact form located below.

    How long will I have to wait to start?

    Typically we can schedule you with one of our professionals within the week in most cases. For our therapy services within the same day or next day. You are able to schedule an appointment in minutes via our Online Scheduling Portal. Simply click on the REQUEST APPOINTMENT button below to access out Online Scheduling Portal.

    How much will it cost?

    We normally would like to provide you with information on the benefits of starting therapy or our other services. Group Counseling Services cost much less than our Office Counseling Services.



    First Session/Intake $125 for 60 minutes

    Office $115 for 60 minutes

    Office $95 for 45 minutes Most Popular

    Online $115 for 60 minutes

    Group $75 for 60 minutes

    Family/Couples $125 for 60 minutes

    Relationship Counseling $125 for 60 minutes Includes: On-Demand Text

    "Fix My Relationship" Intervention $450 for Max 4 hours

    Workshops/Webinars Prices Vary

    Psychiatric Services $125

    Medication Management $115

    Psychological Evaluations $900

    On Demand Text/Chat $25 per week

    Notary Free for Clients $5 for Non Clients


    6 Session packages are available at a discounted price. Ask our staff for more details or order online at our Store.


    We typically offer Monthly Promotions and Discounts.

    How long will I expect to be participating in services?

    We use the best techniques to help you and we try to not prolong our services. We do know that your needs are different from that of someone else so you time in counseling or receiving services is based on your individual needs. Normally counseling, and psychiatric services can last 2-4 months, 6 months or a year at most. Now it can be longer if you wish to participate longer as you will play an active role in the service you receive. A psychological evaluation can be 4 hours long and include testing.

    What can I expect once I call or schedule an appointment for counseling?

    First you will speak with our therapist who will gather information prior to your appointment to make sure that we are a good fit for you during a 15 Minute Consultation. An appointment will be scheduled if one is not already scheduled for you. Your therapist will explain what you can expect from therapy, the cost of therapy, explanation of fees, and expectations regarding your attendance of sessions. You will receive a Welcome Email, Client Portal Set Up Email, and Consents Package for you to sign Electronically prior to appointment. If you are unable to complete the Consents Package and Client Questionnaire prior to your appointment you will have to come 30 minutes prior to your appointment. Your therapist will review the Consents Package with you to ensure your understanding and complete an Intake Assessment. Your therapist will complete a Treatment Plan with you to help you decide on what will be addressed in counseling. After that you will meet with your therapist once per week, twice per week, or every other week. Frequency of counseling is based on you and your therapist reviewing your needs. Expect to receive homework assignments, emailed resources identified to help you, assessments to help us know if you are getting better, calls, and lots of encouragement. Our therapist uses methods or approaches known to work for your specific needs.

    Who do you help exactly?

    Well we help everyone: Children 2-17, Adults 18+, Men, Women, and Trans-Gendered clients.

    We have professionals who speak: English, and Haitian-Creole.

    We can help you if you reside in Florida or outside of the United States.

    Psychological and Psychiatric services are only provided in Broward, and Miami-Dade County by our contracted professionals

    Can I refer someone? Maybe a client, family, or friend?

    You definitely can. We only ask that you let them know of your plan to refer them. We will need their name, phone number to start. We ask that the person you refer be willing and ready to participate in therapy. You can email us, or complete our contact form below. You can also purchase a Gift Card as a gift for someone, please contact us for more details. We have Referral Forms and can send one to you via email or fax. Please obtain your client's consent prior to sending us their information.

    How does Online Therapy or On-Demand Text work?

    First Online Counseling is very convenient for most people who may have trouble meeting with our therapist in the office. We can meet with you in the community or school. If you select to do Online Counseling you will be provided information on how to download the Smartphone App, payment procedures as sessions would need to paid for prior to sessions. There our limits when participating in counseling which your therapist will inform you of prior to session. You will be able to see and talk to your therapist much like you would talking to a friend or loved one via Skype, FaceTime or Hangout, however the Smartphone App we use is secure and complies with HIPAA regulations for texting and video calls. The Video Call technology is also available via our website. Our On-Demand Text service can only be used if you are participating in Counseling Service. Cost is currently $25 per week. Your therapist will answer your text or schedule a session.

    How can I pay for the services?

    You can pay in the following forms: Cash, Debit, Credit Card, PayPal, HSA/FSA Accounts and our Gift Card.

    We currently In Network for the following insurances: Aetna, Cigna, Managed Care Concepts (EAP), and more. We are an Out of Network Provider/PPO Provider for: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Avmed, Humana, and United Healthcare. We will check your coverage and provide you with your session cost. You can also check your coverage by contacting your insurance provider. Online Counseling fees can be paid via our Client Portal or via emailed Invoice.

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    We Provide: Counseling, Psychiatric Services and Psychological Evaluations.

    Our services are geared to help you and your family be restored and live a more meaningful life.

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If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts or have a plan to harm yourself or others please contact  911, National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-8255 or go to your local emergency room. If you are experiencing a life threatening emergency please contact 911. The information featured on this website, social media posts and blog should not take to place of seeking the assistance of a professional licensed counselor or other professional. All persons seeking counseling will screened and an appropriate referral will be provided if needed. 

1. Purchase of Package should be done if you have been screened by a therapist or staff or you are willing and ready to participate in counseling.
2.  No refunds will be provided on packages. Only a credit will be issued towards future services. 
3. All Online Counseling & Coaching clients will screened to ensure that this service is appropriate. If Online Counseling is not appropriate alternative services will be discussed such as Office Based Counseling. A credit will be provided for purchases made for use towards new and appropriate service. 
4. Store and Promotions are for Self Paying Clients purpose is to assist self paying clients to obtain services who may not be able to afford counseling rates. Sessions are purchased in bulk at a discounted rate. 

All cancellations must be done 24 hours prior to the start of session. Rescheduling of appointments must be done 24 hours prior to the start of session. A cancellation fee will be charged for all missed or late cancel appointments. Please attend all sessions on time. Your therapist at their discretion may provide a grace period of 15 minutes. Life happens and so do emergencies. Please notify your therapist as soon as you can, your situation will be taken into account. A waiver of cancellation fee will be given at the discretion of your therapist and office staff.

All clients will be provided a consents about company policies, treatment process, HIPAA, and termination of treatment. 

Termination of Counseling
You can always stop counseling at anytime. We ask that you notify us as soon as possible your decision. If you miss three weeks of counseling and do not contact your therapist or our office you will be terminated from counseling. An email and letter will be sent. You can always restart your counseling by calling us. 

Privacy Practices
Your information will be kept confidential unless:
We have to disclose your information due to a medical emergency .
If you have abused a child or an adult.
If you have been abused.
If you are suicidal or homicidal.
If we have to legally due to a court order.
If you want us to disclose  any of your information to someone or an agency a release form will need to be signed.